Important message from Termaco’s President

17 June 2024

As President and CEO of Termaco, I wish to address our current situation with complete transparency and unwavering confidence in our future.

Today, our unionized employees have chosen to go on strike. We respect their right to make this decision, even though it comes at a difficult time for all of us.
I want to assure you that we have made a very competitive and advantageous offer, reflecting our commitment to valuing each of our employees. We have ensured that our proposal addresses the main concerns and aspirations of our staff, balancing fairness and the sustainability of our company.

In these moments, it is important to remember the strength and resilience that define our company. We are not just a collection of employees and leaders; we are a community united by a common purpose and a shared vision for the future. Our dedication to innovation, quality, and service remains unwavering.

Together, we will ensure continuity, optimize our operations, and overcome these challenges to emerge even stronger.

Thank you to our employees for their dedication and hard work. Let us continue to move forward with optimism and determination.

Miro Yaghi

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