Namakor acquires Termaco

TERMACO | Oct 14, 2016

Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, December 2nd, 2015 — Mr. Roger Breton, president of Termaco, announces the sale to NAMAKOR of the company he founded in 1968 to supply the American and Canadian markets with industrial battery trays.

The company whose headquarters and main plant are located in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec, also operates a second plant in Reading, Pennsylvania. Termaco which specializes in the design and manufacture of sheet metal products is the leading north-American supplier of uninterruptible power supply (UPS) cabinet systems and battery trays. With a seasoned workforce of 200 skilled individuals, the company is also a front runner in the design and manufacture of utility truck bodies and of industrial equipment of all kinds. Its products are recognized for their strength and durability. Indeed, Termaco was a NorthAmerican pioneer in the development and application of powder coatings, the revolutionary process to prevent metal corrosion.


“Faced with the keen interest of numerous investors, I nevertheless elected to entrust the growth and sustainability of my company to a new generation of entrepreneurs” stated Mr. Breton. “They have the drive, the skills and the right focus to build value from the unique know-how of our employees” further stated Mr. Breton.

The new ownership consists of a consortium of shareholders regrouping NAMAKOR, W Investments (industries) and a few key Termaco employees. Mr. Stephane Huot, senior partner and COO at NAMAKOR, is the new president of Termaco.


As a former member of the Control Management team at Bombardier Transportand Vice-President of Johnvince Foods, Stéphane Huot was President of Esthétique Sans Frontière and of Groupe Masdel, two  businesses that have experienced exceptional growth under his leadership. “Termaco enjoys all the required assets to reach new heights. It is with enthusiasm in the wake of all that has been accomplished by the Termaco team that I take over from Mr. Breton. And it is with confidence and determination that I add my skills to those of the Termaco team to accelerate the growth of the company” stated Mr. Huot.

Mr. Patrick Dussault, senior partner and CEO at NAMAKOR, underlines that he is open to consider any acquisition with significant synergy potential with Termaco.

The amount of the transaction remains confidential.

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